The Long Island Invasive Species Management Area

Invasive Species Prevention Zone Criteria

  • Invasive plant cover:
    • <  5% cover in core/interior
    • <  10% cover in a 50 meter buffer inside the boundary and around any roadways that bisect the core
  • Size: > 500 acres, unless deemed a "biodiversity hotspot"
  • Ownership: landscape must have some level of protection already (e.g., public title, easement)
  • Phragmites: Only Phragmites australis growing in freshwater environments will be included in the estimation of % invasives cover. Data analysis revealed that several pristine areas were not eligible for ISPZ designation when Phragmites growing in salt marshes was included in the % cover calculation


An intern maps autumn olive along a roadside bordering a preserve in the Pine Barrens.