The Long Island Invasive Species Management Area

Invasive Species Prevention Zone Creation

How ISPZs are created:

  1. High-priority natural areas that are likely to be relatively free of invasives are identified and delineated
  2. Invasives are mapped within and around the area
  3. A site-specific, integrated pest management plan is created that focuses on Prevention and EDRR strategies

The ISPZ Plan

Once an ISPZ has been delineated and mapping has been completed, a site-specific management plan should be created and implemented. This management plan should include strategies to:

  • Identify and interrupt invasive species pathways
  • Manage land/water to enhance growth of desired natives
  • Implement early detection/rapid response strategies
    • Educate staff, visitors and volunteers and neighbors
    • Update invasive species location maps
    • Immediately control
  • Monitor
    • By means of the ISPZ criteria
    • Results of control efforts

Interns remove Japanese barberry from Cedar Point County Park.